We help you monetize your live events and expand your reach!

Every year in the United States alone there are over 250,000 events that are held. While many people are able to attend, there are many others that cannot due to budget and/or time restrictions.

We have created Events Live to give companies, employees and entrepreneurs the opportunity to take part in events they might otherwise miss.  There is invaluable information gained by attending trade shows, conferences and exhibitions in person. Through Events Live, we help organizers and attendees expand their reach, efficiency and cost effectiveness through live video.

Don’t consider live video for only business opportunities.  Events Live can also provide those real moments for those that cannot attend weddings, births, parties and other very special occasions.

Let us create a live video experience for you for your next event or another important moment in your life.


We use live video to make it easy for anyone to tune in and consume the information being shared at events they cannot attend.

At Events Live we believe that any trade show, exhibition, or conference should be accessible to anyone regardless of their physical location. While an important reason for people to attend events is to network, there are still many people that would like to benefit from the information sharing.  Budget constraints, family commitments or a host of other reasons can all make potential attendees miss out.

We have relationships with many live video platforms, the cutting edge technology needed, and years of expertise with live video. This helps you create a live stream of the content that is being shared to potential customers, while helping event coordinators gain a greater reach and effectively monetize their events.

Events Live was launched by Marc Gawith, a biz dev and live video veteran who saw the need for events to have a virtual presence.  



We provide both bundled and ala carte pricing.  Please check back soon as we will post our entire menu of pricing and services.  In the interim please email marc@events.live with your event details and we will provide you pricing based on your needs.


Please contact us with any questions that you may have. We are happy to answer questions about how we perform our service, who we work with, and how many additional viewers you can expect to get.

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